How do I get started?
It's really simple. We only need the following information to get you started:
  • Shelter Name
  • Your Name
  • Your Email
You can contact us by email or telephone. As soon as we get your information, we'll set up an account for you and email you the password, along with instructions on how to log in. Our normal turn-around time is two hours.
How much does it cost?
Prices depend on the number of new animals entered into the shelter each month. The fewer the animals you have, the lower the cost. Take a look at the pricing schedule and example here.
Can I add or delete vaccines and medicines?
Yes. Each shelter comes with a default set of data, which can be changed at any time by the shelter. If you want to add or delete new vaccines, species, breeds, or anything else, you can do so through adminShelter. This allows you to configure iShelter to fit your needs. You're not limited by what you're set up with.
Can I integrate my data in iShelters with my web site?
Yes. We can work with you to display your data on your pre-existing web site. We work with shelters individually to get this feature working because each shelter has it's own requirements. And, of course, all of this is included in the monthly fee.
Do I have to pay extra for each software application?
No. iShelters provides all its software in one package.
What do you mean by "No software, No installation, No fuss"?
We mean you don't need to install any server or database software program on your computer. No software. Just start up your internet browser on any computer anywhere in the world and go to http://ishelter.ishelters.com. No installation. Log in and manage your animal shelter. No need to worry about data back-ups, updates, or other issues. No Fuss.
Can I write this off on my taxes?
You should be able to write this off as a monthly business expense.